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the music industry and how to survive it

Music Workers Diary


I started the Music Workers Diary in April 2020 after working as a musician on a cruise ship based in San Francisco at the start of the international pandemic. It was originally intended as a lockdown blog but has since evolved into something else – stories about the life of a working musician, professional advice, who knows where it’s going. Eventually I want to write the book – the Music Workers Diary. Wish me luck.

This site links with the Music Workers Diary Facebook Page and my musicians website providing information for working musicians, top tips for guitar players, as well as access to recordings and films of original songs and acoustic covers.

I write blogs, songs, play professional acoustic covers gigs and teach the guitar online and offline.  Best of all I love hanging out with musician friends and playing together. Bass players, singers, cello, double bass, drummers, second guitar. Check out

A professional musician since 2005, I originally graduated in Sociology, then trained and worked as a local journalist before moving into environmental education and FE teaching. Prior to the 21st century I was fronting indie folk bands Kaikoura and Indian Runner as well as trying to help save the planet which involved gigging, dreaming, working outdoors and travelling.

I am planning to registered with HMRC as self employed again (from June 2022). I’m also a member of the Musicians Union.

Tales from a coronavirus cruise survivor

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